White Fur JB Polo Woman - 100 Percent Fur Colar, 100 Percent Cotton, 100 Percent Exclusivity

The Product


Exclusive, luxurious, unique


Everyone is unique. Accentuate your unique ways with our design. 


With Furclusive, we strike out in a new direction in fashion. Our unique designs will make you feel really special. 


For us, luxury is composed of high quality products and components that attain distrinction.


Furclusive & Faux Furclusive

There are two important differences in our collections:


On one hand, there is our Furclusive collection with real fur.


On the other hand, there is Faux Furclusive, a collection with fake fur.


You can choose a model according to your taste and lifestyle. Which Furclusive do you wear?

High Quality Materials

Made in Germany, Designed in Germany.


Our collections are made of the best materials, manufactured due to high quality standards with precision in every detail. 


You only get to wear your Furclusive if our Quality Management has approved it. 


100% (Faux) Fur

Best materials selected by us for your VIP feeling

100% Cotton

Quality for highest wearing comfort  - completely according to your taste


100% Exclusivity

Unique design created by us for you and your appearance!